Generate regular monthly income from your invested capital


Future Asset Management International Limited’s (FAMI) disciplined approach to implementing the Future Mortgage Income Fund (Fund) investment strategy and its commitment to managing the Fund is based on principles and practices which ensure that the best interests of Investors are at the forefront of our thinking. This is the foundation upon which I believe we can deliver good returns.

I encourage you to download the PDS, contact us and seek independent financial advice before you decide to apply for Units in the Fund.
Gary Scallan
Chief Executive Officer
Future Asset Management International (FAMI)

Target Loan Ratio

Generate regular monthly income from your invested capital

The investment objective of the Fund is to create a portfolio of quality commercial first mortgage loans sourced through Future Structured Funding Partners (in its capacity as Investment Manager for FAMI).

The aim of the Fund is to provide investors with regular monthly income from a diversified range of first mortgage loans over real property in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and regional centres in QLD, NSW and VIC with a population in excess of 25,000.

Risks for The Investor

This Fund, like all investments carry risk, including the potential for loss of income or capital, a less than expected rate of return or a delay in payment. FAMI and the Investment Manager will adhere to the investment strategy which seeks to identify a diverse range of investment opportunities and to mitigate the risks associated with investing in first mortgage loans.

Download PDS

Before making an investment in the Fund an investor should consider his or her:

  • Specific risk assessment by investing in the Fund;
  • Other investments compared with the risks of the Fund;
  • Personal risk tolerance;
  • Personal investment objectives and expected return and outcome from this investment.

What is a pooled mortgage fund?

Investors money is pooled together and invested in a portfolio of loans that are secured by registered first mortgages over residential, retail, commercial or industrial properties. Investors receive a monthly income called a ‘distribution’ from the interest paid by borrowers. Like any fund, you buy units in the investment fund which is managed and operated by a licensed and responsible entity.

To find out more about mortgage funds visit the Money Smart website

Benefits for investors

Monthly distributions

Income can be paid into your nominated account

Conservative lending parameters aimed at reducing the risk of capital loss

Registered first mortgages

Diversification across property and industry sectors

Geographical spread of mortgages

Maximum Loan to Value Ratio of 70%

Maximum lending term of 3 years


Minimum Investment Amount ($)


Minimum investment term (months)


Maximum loan to value ratio (%)

Our team

FAMI is excited to be working with a strong team to build and grow the Future Mortgage Income Fund. FAMI has a strong and experienced asset management team to ensure that the best interests of Investors are at the forefront of our thinking. FAMI is a values based team who take a responsible, ethical and transparent approach to our work.


John Thomas (JT) has been involved in banking, finance and funds management activities for 40 years. After initial training with a major bank, a building society and then a credit union, JT joined the Howard Group in 1987, where he began managing the Howard Mortgage Trust in its fledgling years.  Read more…


Alan Gale was the founding principal of Altren Capital, a multi-disciplinary provider of tailored debt and equity solutions to the property development industry and corporate borrowers. Alan’s also held credit approval and compliance responsibilities for a Future Asset Management International office providing individual private debt funding solutions up to $10m.  Read more…


Chris is a Responsible Manager on FAMI’s AFSL Licence and his main area of responsibility with the Future Mortgage Income Fund will be investor relations. Chris has held compliance and responsible manager positions and has been involved in FAMI’s evolution.  Read more…

Fund highlights

Reasons to invest

This presents an exciting opportunity for investors who seek to:

  • Seek a monthly income from the capital invested.

  • Supplement your salary, super or other income producing assets.

  • Spread your investments across many different investment options.

  • Seek opportunities to invest your capital in growth assets.

  • Spread your risk across different asset classes.

Download Independent guide for investors about unlisted mortgage funds
Investing in Mortgage Funds

Investment benefits

Diversification across Property and Industry sectors
1-3 year loan term
Monthly Income Distributions
Conservative Lending
Pooled Investments
Geographical, Sector and Concentration Spread
Available to Retail and Wholesale Clients

Key features

Unlisted Registered Managed Investment Scheme
Minimum Investment AUD$25,000
Minimum Additional Investment AUD$5,000
Maximum Loan to Value ratio 70%
Registered First Mortgage Security over: Retail Property, Commercial Property, Industrial Property, Residential Property

How to apply and invest

To be part of this opportunity follow the steps below. You should seek professional advice from your Financial Planner when making decisions about your investment.
Step 1Download and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)
Step 2Fill out the Application Form and send to Future Asset Management International Limited
Step 3Make payment

If you need assistance, you can contact our Relationship Management team at any time on 1300 888 121 or

Download PDS

Download PDS

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